Monday May 2nd, Spanish bankholiday: Practice closed


Office hours from Monday / Friday from 11:00 am to 13:00 pm.

You can walk in without an appointment.


You can reach our practice in Torremolinos by telephone during office hours (Monday /  Friday, 11:00 am to 13:00 pm) : (00 34) 95 238 88 72.
If the line is busy, you will get a recorded message. Please try again later.

For times when the practice is closed, we will give a weeks notice by recording a message on our answerphone as well as putting a notice on our Facebook page which Facebook will share with you if you “follow”, “like” and “share”our Facebook page.


Outside opening hours and during the weekends and holidays you can reach the practice on the emergency number:
(00 34) 606 93 98 12

This telephone number is for emergencies only! Do not use this number for information about opening times, address etc.  It is very important that this number is accessible for real emergencies at all times.


The first consultation (once a year) ; € 50,-
Following consultations for the period of one year after the first ; € 35,-
Home visit (Fuengirola, Benalmadena, Torremolinos) ; € 80,- to € 100,-

Other (extra) costs:

Intramuscular injection ; € 10,-
Prescription only / prescription hypnotics (sleeping tablets) or tranquilizers € 15,- / € 50,-
First Warfarine test per year ; € 30,-
Follow-up Warfarine test ; € 20,-
  • Payments to be made directly after the consultation.
  • If you have private- or travel insurance in your home country you can claim back your medical expenses. In almost all cases the full amount will be reimbursed.
  • If you have health insurance in Spain with Sanitas ( Healthplan), you will just need to show your insurance card at the reception desk.


Why are these prescriptions so expensive?

Since the medical profession has become concerned over the excess prescriptions of these addictive medicines in the past, doctors in most European countries are trying to reduce their use. As this began to change here we the Dutch doctors on the Costa del Sol, noticed a significant increase in the demand for these prescriptions. As the Spanish authorities became more alert to the problem and in order to support this well-intentioned attitude of our colleagues, we decided to introduce a high price as a deterrent. It has worked, as people now tend to remember to bring these medicines prescribed by their regular doctors, when they come to Spain.


Spain has many pharmacies, on almost every street corner you will find a ‘farmacia’, recognisable by the green cross.  In case of illness during your holiday it is not advisable to go and buy medication at the pharmacy in the hope of getting better. The pharmacist abroad does not know your medical history, which medication you might already be taking and whether they can be taken together with the ones you are purchasing. They will always try and sell you something which could have disastrous consequences. Also, your health insurance back home might not reimburse medication which has been purchased in Spain without a prescription.